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Comparing the cost of skydiving
around the world, in your currency!

There are currently 530 dropzones
from 60 different countries in the database.

This is an information site for experienced skydivers.

If you are looking for information or have questions on tandem skydives please contact your chosen dropzone directly.

No response will be given to queries about tandem skydives, so please do not contact me about them!

Please post a comment or query below or alternatively email me.

Raison d'Ítre?
I made this site as I wanted to know how much it would cost to jump at DZs around the world. One summer several years ago I spent hours going through websites looking for jump prices. Sometimes the site wasn't in English and the price was in a foreign currency. I had no idea how much 160 SEK was in my money! I thought it would be useful if there was one site where this information could be accessed quickly and easily, giving a guide for how much the jump price was in a currency of my choosing. JumpTicketPrices.com was born... .

This site is provided for information and as a guide only. We do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within the site. JumpTicketPrices.com was designed by Kris Wojciechowski out of boredom and from a desire to find out where it is cheapest to jump when on holiday. Please do not abuse the site as it could be quite useful if used as intended.

Blue skies all.

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